Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 12 - December 8, 2015

Our last full day had arrived and we were determined to make the most of it.

Captain Phillip offered snorkeling off Sandy Island after breakfast. Barbara took him up on it and assumed the photography duties.

After a shower for those that snorkeled, we took the dinghy over to Carriacou landing on Paradise Beach. The beach landing gave us a wonderful view back at Diamant anchored off Sandy Island.

A couple of shack bars and a souvenir shop were on the beach. They were quite unusual as they were constructed of shipping containers. The girls took this opportunity for some last minute shopping.

Back on Diamant, we lunched and set off for Port Louis in Grenada. Several took the helm on the way back.

We were sailing past Grenada way too soon!

And we did not envy those on the Blue Haired Lady cruise ships.

Barney fixed our last afternoon snack.

Served in fine style by Marlan.

The shops around Port Louis reminded us of Venice.

Two racing yachts were berthed next to us.

Once berthed, we settled our bill with Monja and prepared for the much anticipated Captain's Dinner.

The girls gussied up while the fellows found clean shirts.

Captain Phillip brought the crew out for a well deserved round of applause and our thanks.

And Marlan served Barney's creation, lobster penne.

With a lovely dessert.

And the evening would not be complete without Chicken Foot dominos. Then, it was off to bed.

As David, Luba, Barbara and I had early morning flights, the crew was kind enough to get us up at 4:30, fix us breakfast and load us into the taxi for the airport. Lobster Pizza in Paradise was a fantastic experience. It was truly 12 days in Paradise and the windjammer experience was perfection. Now to determine something new for the bucket list. And thanks to our readers for sailing with us vicariously. I hope you'll give a windjammer a go.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 11 - December 7, 2015

Eleven days ago twelve days seemed like a long time. Now, not so much. However, we seem to have lost track of days & dates; so, we all agree that twelve days is about right.

Leaving Bequia we were treated with another beautiful Caribbean sunrise.

Today was another clean linen and towel art day. This was the best ever towel art! Kudos to Marlan.

Heading to Mayreau, we passed the freighter on the rocks again.

Obviously that poor captain had an "ah s**t" moment!

We sailed to Mayreau under sail only which was a wonderful experience.

We arrived in Mayreau in good time.

Several of us hiked from the harbor to the beach side of the island encountering goats along the way.

The view from the top wasn't that magnificent.

But the view going down was.

This beach was beautiful and provided great photo ops, but being rock free was not a snorkeling beach.



We moved to a snorkeling beach after lunch, and Barbara was in charge of the photography this time.

We packed snacks into the dinghy and headed off to Happy Island, the smallest island in the Caribbean. It was made from concrete and conch shells by Jante, a local entrepreneur. Electricity is wind power with batteries for storage. It is a great little bar with excellent rum punches.

Clair holding the eggs enroute.

Approaching Happy Island.

Jante loves to sing along with the island music.

Everyone enjoying the moment!

Then it was back to Diamant for a sail to our anchorage at Sandy Island and another excellent dinner by Chef Barney followed by Chicken Foot dominos.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 10 - December 6, 2015

Visiting Martinique took us farther north than the "normal" 12 day run; thus, we had a bit of time to make up today.

We had a 5:00 AM start for a 90 mile run back to Bequia. We planned about 12 hours at sea. The early start gave us the opportunity to see a glorious Caribbean sunrise!

Sailing past St. Lucia and St. Vincent brought back fond memories of our sail north.

We spent most of the day watching flying fish and watching boobies (a sea bird) catch fish.

We made Bequia by 4:30 PM in time for Captain Phillip to clear us in at immigration. We went ashore for a beer and WiFi and walked a different part of Bequia past the Whaleboner Bar.

It's not often you get to sit on a whale's vertebrae!

Waiting for the dinghy to take us back to Diamant we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.